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In an industrial setting, downtimes can be some of the most frustrating thing. With old systems with no visibility, these keep operations managers with sleepless nights. Knowing that your systems are always on alert and reporting when things deviate from the norm can save thousands, if no millions of dollars a year.

In the oil and gas industry, critical process systems need fault tolerant products and systems. We use PLC based systems to make sure mission critical data and systems are always online and monitoring.

When putting effluent water back into the environment, compliance is crucial. Fines can cost companies and create black eyes for companies that take many years to get a reputation back. Our products and systems make sure that water put back in the ground is done in an environmentally friendly manner while providing cost effective solutions.

SCADA systems new and old have information that needs to get to all facets of your organization. Our products can tie into legacy systems or build a new system from the ground up. We use industry leading platforms such as FactoryTalk View SE and Wonderware for alarm management. Whether your command center needs information, historical logging, or sending data remotely, we have the experience to give you solutions.

Failing components can happen. But, what about when it can’t happen. That’s where redundancy in a control system is mission critical. We have solutions to provide redundancy at the controller level or down to the input/output level. We can make sure your systems will continue to run, even if there is a failure. Our standards use PLC control which means it’s industrial hardened. However, if you need another level then we can provide PLC redundancy or I/O redundancy.