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Featured Project:  Tank Improvement with PLC pump controller modernization

Location: Ventura, CA

Description: Migrated an existing SLC controller with 4 DeviceNet network controlling ~ 60 devices on a critical system. System migrated to ControlLogix with remote I/O racks and VFD’s moving over to Ethernet. Existing Powermonitors and overload protection devices stayed on DeviceNet. Main system was run in hand for 4 hours while switch over was made. Fine tuning of HMI application and clean up was 3 days.

Featured Project: – Pump Upgrade & Scada / PLC modernization of chemical plant

Location:San Diego, CA

Description: Existing RSView32 application controlling 10 PLC’s (~3,000 I/O points) in the Plant. These PLC’s were connected to via DH+. As PLC-5 systems were migrated to new ControlLogix the new FTView SE SCADA system had to communicate to new systems and old systems. Project was phased week by week to migrate 5 PLC-5’s to ControlLogix and SCADA system to new FTView SE system.

Featured Project: SCADA/Historian upgrade of power plant

Location: Merced, CA

Description: Replaced existing RSView32 application to FactoryTalk View SE. Conversion of 50 screens and additional upgrade of 10 screens. Also, converted Historian server and upgraded from 32bit operating system to new Windows Server 2012. Maintained 6 years worth of power plant data and provided additional data to new SCADA system.

Featured Project: Lift Station upgrade & network modernization

Location: Tehachapi, CA

Description: Mechanical integration of new VFD pumps & instrumentations with DeviceNet network controlling 3 pumps on an operating system. Removed existing pump assemblies & DeviceNet drive and added Ethernet capability to each drive. Add updates to the PLC program to swap out pump in phased approach.

Featured Project: PLC, HMI and VFD upgrade of a large critical conveying system

Location: Whittier, CA

Description: Existing PLC-5 controlling a proofer and retarder conveying system for a bread manufacturer. The process was critical to the plant and would stop production of the plant if it wasn’t online. Process was migrated over a weekend. Two main VFD drives were changed out from a 1336 drive to a PowerFlex 753 on Ethernet. Control system was migrated to a CompactLogix (L30ER) with a visualization converted from a standard Panelview to a new Panelview Plus.

Featured Project: SCADA and PLC-5 modernization of chemical plant

Location: San Jose, CA

Description: Existing PLC-5 (2 racks) with a 20 year old Wonderware SCADA system. Existing PLC-5 was failing one time per day. New SCADA system had to still communicate to existing PLC’s (12 various controllers). System migrated to ControlLogix and FactoryTalk View SE.